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Rushhh introduced India’s first bidding cum trading card in which we offer ample benefits to our premium customers. Rushhh card is a type of plastic money which is used in all type of real estate properties either it is for selling, buying or renting. If you purchased Rushhh card you have the facility of bidding (auction) or exchange your properties with the help of points you get in Rushhh card. We unleash Rushhh card in a market to fulfill your real estate dreams according to our customer’s desires.

Features of Rushhh card:

Benefits of Rushhh card:


Rushhh Introducing India’s first bidding Portal©2013 in fastest growing Real Estate sector. over 1000+ real estate Professional operating& providing Rushhh home’s Services in various cities. Millions of people throughout the country and world will have privilege of bidding (auctions), Exchange,buying, selling and renting their valuable properties through our portal at through away cost. Our portal helps to connect buyer and seller of real estate dealers and provides search engine to facilitate your decision making either you wish to buy or rent properties.


We offer a wide range of property types according to individual requirements of buyers & sellers. These are the main categories of properties you may find on our portal -



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